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First Time Home Buyer in Sunnyslope in Phoenix

First Time Home Buyer in Sunnyslope in Phoenix

When I first started the home-buying process, I really did not know what to expect. I deliberated and hesitated many, many years in making the decision to purchase my first home. Last year, I had a good friend of mine tell me that if I truly wanted to buy a home, that I’d “Just have to jump in”. He didn’t know it at the time, but this morsel of seemingly “no-brainer” knowledge, was in fact the impetus of the process for me!

I’ve had many, many friends recommend a multitude of realtors to me over the past year. For my given analytical-type personality, the more choices I was faced with – the more complex my decision-making process became. It goes without saying, “Anyone can get licensed as a realtor!” How was I supposed to navigate the sea of good and bad realtors working the greater Phoenix-Metro area (especially with my detail-oriented, overly-analytical mindset)? To me, this would have been a monumental undertaking.

Thanks to a prior Facebook connection with Chelsea, I didn’t have to seek-out a realtor…she found me! My prior connection to Chelsea started at Arizona State University, where we both endured the all-nighter hardships of Landscape Architecture Baccalaureate School. Though Chelsea and I were not close friends or colleagues while at ASU, the LA program was small enough that most of us knew of the students involved in landscape architecture (regardless of their graduating class). Through colleagues, and friends of friends, Chelsea and I’d become “Facebook pals”, thus becoming aware that she’d entered the world of real estate. The residual ringing of “Just jump in”, was enough, and before I knew it, Chelsea and I were setting up our first appointment.

I was initially a bit confused about why I would have a “Realtor” (Chelsea Elwood), “Showing Agent” (Pam Brown-Elwood) and “Transaction Coordinator” (Chris Atchley). I had always thought that the Realtor would handle everything, so as to create a unified, personal realtor-buyer or realtor-seller experience. I’d always anticipated my someday-realtor as an individual that really got to know me, AND take me down the long, windy path of the red-tape road. I was hesitant at first, but what I ACTUALLY experienced, was a young, but extremely knowledgeable Realtor who answered my questions and concerns within minutes-to-hours of sending her a text, e-mail or phone call! I experienced a Showing Agent, who was sympathetic towards my wants, needs, and desires, AND could show me a home at almost moments-notice! I also experienced a transaction coordinator who, expectedly, got me all of the documents that I needed to sign, digitally, and in a timely fashion. I didn’t realize it until about half-way through the process, but the “Real Estate Team Approach” worked well for me, and actually allowed each respective position to focus more on their piece of the pie (rather than being spread thin by clients and tasks).

I completely recommend Chelsea & Pam as your Realtor team if you are looking to buy your first home. Chelsea will bring timely answers to the table and a professional foundation to base your home-buying criteria upon, and Pam will bring you a personalized home-showing experience that is amenable to your schedule. Both will help “land” you in the house that is right for you and your family! I am so, so grateful for their extensive time and hard work! As a full-time Soldier, Engineer, and Landscape Designer with an overly analytical-mindset and quizzical demeanor, I am thoroughly impressed with their ability to both get me through the process and help me find a home that I not only like, but absolutely love!!! I wouldn’t be here in my first dream-home without both of your efforts! Chelsea and Pam have made the purchase of my first home, an experience that I will never forget! Thank you both, dearly!