Testimonials ForChelsea Anderson

Dobson Ranch

Our experience with Chelsea was superior bar none. We sold our house over a year ago and had to get a rental because we had not found anything that fit our list of requirements. When our lease was up for our rental property we had planned on signing another year lease because we had eased up on our  home search due to exhaustion and frustration. However, our landlord decided it was time to put their house on the market and we had a month to find a new place. We figured we would get another rental, but fortunately that didn’t need to happen. Enter Chelsea. We had been recommended Chelsea previously for real estate transactions and I decided to give her a call. I have to say, I am usually very skeptical about the kind of service I will receive because of previous experiences with other real estate transactions. Some agents seeming either too rushed and only looking out for their own payout and not the clients’ needs, and others just not so interested in the job at all, not returning calls, potential houses passed up because of waiting too long etc. Chelsea, is an incredibly hard working agent. She was very in tune with our needs, always answered calls promptly and answered questions knowledgeably. We were regularly updated on new houses on the market, and never had to wait in frustration to look at a house. If she was not available, she had a representative available to show us the house. She was friendly, professional and even gave us a lovely and quite generous gift upon the closing our home-which we found AND closed on within a four week period from the time we hired her. I was truly besides myself. My wife and I cant find enough words to express how thankful we are that we gave her a call.